Graduates 2021: Architecture and Landscape Architecture

The landscape architecture and architecture graduation projects exhibition summarizes 4 (landscape) or 6 (architecture) years of studying at the faculty. During this period our students have acquired knowledge, tools and established an initial professional identity. The final project is a kind of summary of this long training period. It reflects the personal worldview, style and professional knowledge that has been gained during the long training.

In the last 6 years, we have introduced fundamental changes to the curriculum of landscape architects and architects. In landscape architecture, we updated the syllabus of all core courses and studios while introducing new tools, technologies and concepts. In architecture, a new curriculum was introduced that leads to a professional master’s degree in architecture instead of the previous Bachelor of Architecture degree. The new curriculum is based on an understanding that given the increasing complexity of the architectural design process, the education of architects needs to exceed the scope of an undergraduate degree.

The final graduation projects, which are presented in this exhibition, reflect these changes. Each project stems from a critical view of its theme and suggests an alternative architectural solution that contributes to the increase of well-being in our society.

The influence of COVID-19 is also present in the works of this exhibition. The works presented in the exhibition were partly developed by the students at home as we shifted to online teaching during the main outbreaks of the epidemic. Covid has changed, to a certain extent, the way we “consume” space. It has manifested the importance of public space and green spaces in both public and private domains. Many of the projects in this exhibition have reacted to these changes and present new ideas for more public space oriented environments.

The theme of the presented projects is usually selected by the students. As such, the exhibition is also an interesting window to the mindset of our future architects and the future of landscape and architecture disciplines.

I hope that the viewer will enjoy the exhibition and I wish the new landscape architects and architects success in their future professional work.

Assoc. Prof. Yasha J. Grobman, Dean

Photography: Haim Zinger

Images: Amit Sadik, Asma Aburaya, Livne Furmanski, Shimrit Bar- Or

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