Industrial Design Track

Industrial Design Track

Design thinking and practice have become an essential strategic resource for leading technology corporations, and the success of new hi-tech startups often hinges on this crucial aspect. In 2016, more than one-third of the U.S.-based startups with the highest investments counted at least one designer among their founders. Design is recognized today as one of the key factors required for product differentiation, expanding markets, developing accessible new technologies, and creating and assimilating future scenarios that bring about positive change in people’s lives.

The advanced degree programs in Industrial Design (Masters and Ph.D.) aim to supply the knowledge and the theoretical, professional and investigative tools needed to spearhead processes of change that will suit the needs of the future and create cutting edge innovations for human use around the world. The Track’s faculty includes leading designers and design researchers in Israel, who are at the forefront of both research and practice in the field.

The teaching method integrates practical, theoretical and research tools, while placing an emphasis on developing projects that can be influential in the real world, and collaborating with leading Israeli research, hi-tech and industry institutions and companies. Students have access to research and design laboratories that are equipped with advanced digital design and production technologies, as well as have the possibility to collaborate with other Faculties at the Technion.


The Industrial Design track offers the following degrees:

Master of Industrial Design (M.I.D)

Master of Science in Industrial Design (M.Sc.)

Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Design (Ph.D.)