Our vision

מבט צד חלונות של פקולטה לארכיטקטורה

The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion will be a world-class academic leader in design and spatial planning: It will foster cutting edge knowledge and technology through research; educate inspired, committed, broad-minded, critical and innovative architects, landscape architects, planners, and designers; and will promote excellence in professional practice.

Commitment and Involvement –

Reassert the commitment of the design and spatial planning professions, organizations and industries to society and to a sustainable environment, promoting active public involvement at local, regional and global scales.

Shaping Culture and the Environment –

Reestablish the standing of the design and spatial planning professions as change agents that study, criticize and create culture, emphasizing their leading role in shaping future environments and guiding their constant renewal.p>

New Knowledge and Innovation in Design and Planning –

Develop innovative design and planning methods, based on advanced knowledge and technologies that integrate the best analytical tools with creative design thinking.

Mutual Support for Research, Teaching and Practice –

Strengthen the synergetic and mutually-supportive relationships among teaching, research and professional practice in design and spatial planning.

Multidisciplinary Integration –

Enhance the connections between the design and spatial planning professions and expand them beyond their current scopes, establishing multidisciplinary collaborations within and beyond the Technion, in Israel and abroad.

Israel as a Place of Quality and as a Laboratory –

Strive for a better Israel and position Israel as a globally-relevant design and planning laboratory, a source of inspiration and experimentation for quality design and for innovative spatial planning processes.

Vibrant and Intellectual Home –

Foster a warm and vibrant intellectual home, well-equipped and highly responsive, a generator of critical discourse and involvement by students and faculty, researchers and practitioners, organizations and firms in the fields of design and spatial planning.