Our vision

Our vision

The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion will be a leading academic institution in the field of design and spatial planning in Israel and around the world. This research will create groundbreaking knowledge and technology through expansive and inspiring teaching by architects, landscape architects, planners and designers – committed, curious, critical and innovative.

The mission:

Commitment and involvement

To establish the commitment of the planning and design professions and the construction and development sector to a sustainable society and environment. To foster active public and community involvement as a local, regional and global expression of this commitment.

Culture, Change and Innovation

To re-position the professions of design and spatial planning as catalysts of change, anchors, critics and creators of culture and leading roles in shaping the environment of the future, and its constant renewal.

New knowledge and technological innovation

To develop new methods of design and spatial planning based on advanced knowledge and technology and combine diverse analytical tools with creative design thinking.

A combination of research, teaching and practice

To strengthen mutual, supportive and synergetic connection between teaching, research and practice in the areas of design and spatial planning.


To create a fruitful integration between the subjects of design and spatial planning, to expand them beyond their current fields and to establish multi-disciplinary collaborations at the Technion, with the construction and development industries and beyond, in Israel and abroad.

Israel as a quality space and a laboratory

To promote Israel’s spatial and architectural quality and to serve as a living laboratory and as an inspiration for innovative planning and quality design of the environment, spatial processes, and structures and products throughout the world.

Hot house

To foster a warm, lively and fruitful home, equipped and responsive, that creates a critical and involved discourse for students, researchers, creators and the entire professional community, institutions and economy in the fields of design and spatial planning in Israel.