MarCoast Ecosystems Integration Laboratory

MarCoast Ecosystems Integration Laboratory

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The MarCoast Ecosystems Integration Laboratory, headed by Associate Professor Michelle Portmanstudies policy questions related to and influencing the interface of land and sea. Emphases of research projects are the well-being of ecological systems (including humans within them) that make up the natural world. Questions of stewardship and environmental protection are at the core of research undertaken by group members, often combining mixed research methods and spatial analysis.

Projects include research on coastal erosion, fisheries, human-marine wildlife (elasmobranchs) interactions, coastal resilience and vulnerability, land-based marine litter, green-blue (marine) infrastructure, marine spatial planning and marine protected areas. Members of the lab are also researching stormwater and run-off management applying water sensitive urban design and baselines used for environmental impact assessment.

The lab works in close conjunction with the Technion’s Coastal and Marine Engineering Institute (CAMERI) which manages a wave flume and a 1:120 scale model of the Port of Haifa.

The lab is situated in the Sego Building 5th and 6th floors at the Faculty. Currently there are four doctoral candidates and three Master’s student members researching in the lab.

Click here for detailed information on the lab and its ongoing research projects.