Disrupt.Design Lab (D.DLab)

Disrupt.Design Lab (D.DLab)

DIRECTOR OF LAB: Arch. Shany Barath

D.DLAB emerges from a mere observation of a world shaped by environmental factors and global challenges currently beyond our control. New complexities require spatial practices to seek higher-ordered goals that have the potential to disrupt common and projected practice.

Within this context, our research facility develops design-led technological projects utilizing both scientific and architectural innovation towards real-world impact. Supporting collaborations between architects, scientists, engineers and creative minds, we explore the possibilities for data-driven processes to inform and form novel materials, device designs, planning tools and fabrication strategies. Developing applications from scientific discoveries we serve as a launchpad for the exchange of ideas between academia and industry.

Data-driven computational design

We analyze, simulate, predict and optimize spatial performance towards high-resolution design.

We develop analytical and generative tools for algorithmic computing of materials, buildings, and cities. We understand that although data volume, acquisition methods, and processing power is increasing, there remains a distinct gap between the ability to create and collect data and its conversion process into new knowledge of meaningful action.

data-driven design, information modeling, computer-aided analysis and simulation, and multi-criteria optimization and evaluation, generative design, design decision support

Digital materiality [fabrication of and with materials]

We engage with current exposure to new modes of production through advances in the fields of material sciences and automation processes enabling designers access to intricate material resolution and algorithmic profiles of matter. Colliding advanced computation into new form-making techniques enables us to re-invent manufacturing procedures and propose novel expressions from creative material robots to architectural structures.

future fabrication, robotic manufacturing, additive manufacturing, living systems, 4Dprinting, Bioprinting, Programmable Materials, Bio-based materials, soft actuators, responsive film composites, biomimicry, biotechnology, synthetic biology

Design ‘microlabs’

ROBOTIC lab  – Robotic manufacturing for 1:1 construction.

  • KUKA KR-50: 6 axis robot equipped with a KRC4 controller and a 50kg payload
  • UR5e: two lightweight 6-axis collaborative robots

WORKSHOP & BIOLOGICAL lab – Material design & Bio fabrication.

  • Hayrel HYDRA 16A
  • Bioprinter – Hayrel ENGINE HR HIGH RES.
  • Delta WASP 40100 Clay
  • Ultimaker 5- Large Format
  • Fellfill – filament extruder
  • Cricut Maker

ELECTRONIC lab – expressive IoT, Robotic end-effectors, Printed electronics

COMPUTATION lab – dedicated infrastructure for big data and high-resolution simulation computing.

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The lab welcomes applications from diverse fields and backgrounds and is comprised of small teams and research project groups. This approach brings forward multidisciplinary collaborations exploiting the benefits of the Lab’s multicultural environment.