Digital Fabrication Lab, tcom

Digital Fabrication Lab, tcom

The lab was established in order to promote research on subjects related to computer-based architectural design and manufacturing, and to enable students and faculty members at the Technion to access innovative digital fabrication tools.

The lab’s director is Arch. Ezra Ozery.

The lab offers the following production and planning services to its students, researchers, and external clients:

  • Laser cutting: The lab holds four advanced laser cutters capable of cutting a variety of raw materials
  • Three-dimensional processing and milling using a 3 Axis CNC milling machine: The lab holds a 3 Axis desktop CNC machine that is capable of cutting up to a complete plate in two-dimensional milling and the production of three-dimensional surfaces.
  • Three-dimensional scanning: the lab holds a 3D laser scanner with a scanning precision of up to 10 microns
  • Three-dimensional printing: the lab offers printing services and testing of 3D models to secure efficient and high-quality printings
  • Advice on planning, designing, and creating complex geometries: the lab is run by outstanding students who offer advice in planning, designing and manufacturing complex geometries using digital production methods

The lab is located on floor 0 of the Amado Building. The lab’s telephone number is 04-8294036.

Opening hours are determined based on demand during the semester and according to scheduling of appointments for the various services.

To go to the lab’s website, which includes detailed explanations of the different types of equipment and how to use them, click here.

To go to the lab’s Facebook page, click here.