Material Topology Research Lab (MTRL)

Material Topology Research Lab (MTRL)

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The Material Topology Research Lab (MTRL) is a transdisciplinary research group working in the field of computational design, robotics, and spatial simulation, exploring unique visualization, simulation, and fabrication tools that are changing the way we imagine, make, and inform our physical and cultural environments.

The work at MTRL aims at harnessing advanced research through design methods stemming from human-machine interactions along with a deep cultural investment. Through computational design methods, we see innovation as stemming from intervening and reappropriating traditional craft as Digital Craft; identifying and merging tangible and intangible heritage assets into Digital Heritage; recognizing and exploiting environmental transformation in the emergence of Digital Groundscape. We employ a hybrid approach to design research, combining data-driven methods with critical thinking, and theoretical contextualization. We aim to rethink and redefine relations between humans and machines through the design and bridging of computational and material realms, virtual and physical interfaces.

Design Research Strategies: Forms – Formations – Information

  • Human-Machine Forms: The research at the lab employs machine intelligence as means of augmenting a human-centered approach to design.
  • Environmental Formations: Our physical environment incorporates natural and cultural processes to be harnessed as a driving force for design and research.
  • Material Information: We blend physical and virtual materiality in an attempt to capture and represent an inherent instability in physical land cultural materiality. We develop advanced technologies for the future by learning from our cultural past and heritage.

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