Material Topology Research Lab (MTRL)

Material Topology Research Lab (MTRL)

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The Material Topology Research Lab (MTRL) is a research group in the field of architectural robotics, computational design and digital humanities and theory. The lab is organized around three hubs located in the ground floor of the Amado Building at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The hubs are arranged in three zones: fabrication, visualization, and simulation. They are conceived as multidisciplinary collaboration platforms between designers, engineers, and scientists on the development of new forms of customized computational protocols and manufacturing techniques.

The main objective of MTRL is to establish integrated design procedures in materials and manufacturing, incorporating:

  • Complex geometry modelling, component-based systems and material testing.
  • New ways of using material in systems and composites.
  • Optimization of digital manufacturing techniques with the aim of reducing energy and material consumption and environmental overhead.
  • Integration of parametric and generative computational procedures to prototyping processes.
  • Development of best practices, processes, and methods that foster efficiency and optimization in the field of manufacturing.

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