Graduates 2022: Architecture and Landscape Architecture

The exhibition of the final projects by the graduates from the Architecture and Landscape Architecture tracks is the apex of their academic degrees. It is the culmination of their studies, during which they acquired knowledge, thinking methods, and tools, while also forming a worldview that enables them to continue developing independently and begin their professional lives.

Using a research-by-design process, each exhibition project presents a core question and a critical position in a specific architectural field chosen by the student. It offers answers and creative planning alternatives to address the relevant issues, and suggests questions for further research.

I would like to thank the team of instructors and wish the graduates success and fulfillment in their professional lives!

Prof. Guedi Capeluto, Dean

Photography: Haim Zinger

Images: Itay Aviram, Shani Kenzie, Dana Taub, Noa Weinberger, Noga Zajfman

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