Technology-based Design – Technology and Architecture Studio


The studio utilizes up-to-date design and production technologies to execute plans and spatial expression at various scales. Students examine the impact of technological developments on architectural and cultural issues, and on how their architectural language is defined. Based on their individual architectural research projects, students create planning tools to assist them in developing their research topic and creating a critical discourse.

There are many and varied options for studio project topics, including algorithm-based parametric design, the historical development of industrial processes, pattern of evolutionary changes in societies and cultures, and more. These diverse topics are linked in that they all utilize technological capabilities to shape society and its spaces. Parametric design is just one example of a technological method that students may use to develop new planning tools, whether for use on the scale of architecture or urban design.

The studio instructors guide students through the process of defining their topic, developing the research question, establishing a broad theoretical context for the chosen topic, analyzing related issues such as tectonics and materiality, and examining the potential for experimentation and spatial expression.

Studio facilitation
Prof. Eitan Kimmel
Arch. David Robins
Dr. Arch. Liat Eisen

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