[Pro]active architecture - Citizenship | Society | Economy Studio

The studio serves as an urban laboratory for critical and innovative thinking about the change processes that environments and physical spaces undergo, by examining three dimensions: citizenship, societal, and economics. In this way, the studio encourages experimenting with architecture as a civic act. That is, architecture should be perceived, interpreted, analyzed, and formulated as a realm of action in which citizens can recreate their relationships and connections with the physical, social, and political environments in which they live and work. The studio asserts that the architect's role is to be an agent of cultural and social change in complex spaces, such as spaces that are along borders, are temporary, unstable, or forbidden, and spaces that are created and emerge from political and ethno-national conflicts. Just as the relationship between architecture and the environment is the basis for the formal and aesthetic development of public spaces and social and cultural structures, it is also a realm in which conflicts, inequality, violence, and various types of exclusion take place. Therefore, the diagnosis and analysis of situations, barriers, and potential spaces are central to the pedagogical process that students adopt while facing the challenges in architecture and the spaces of citizenship it produces and enables.
Studio facilitation
Assoc. Prof. Gabriel Schwartz
Dr. Arch. Dikla Yizhar
Research Tutors
Dr. Ronen Ben Arie

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