Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design (M.Sc.)

Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design (M.Sc.)

Program objectives

The program is designed for students with a professional five-year bachelor’s degree in Architecture (B.Arch.) or a professional Master’s in Architecture (M.Arch.1) from the Technion, or equivalent degrees in architecture from other recognized institutions. The program aims to equip students with advanced architectural knowledge and investigative abilities in select fields of architecture and urbanism. Alongside the courses studied, students are expected to complete a research thesis for 20 credits, or a final paper for 12 credits, in one of the specialization topics.


Students are required to take 24 advanced credits if they choose to write a research thesis or 32 credits if they choose to complete a final paper. Students who have already earned a previous master’s degree must take 16 advanced credits if they choose to write a thesis, or 24 advanced credits if they choose to complete a final paper.

In addition to the courses offered in the Architecture Program, students may enroll in courses from other Programs in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, as well as in courses from other departments at the Technion, in accordance with the requirements of the Graduate School. Students will receive individual guidance by staff on course selection, in accordance with each student’s academic goals and training and research thesis or final paper. At least 8 credits must be from the Architecture Program.

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Admissions requirements

The program accepts students with a professional bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Technion’s five-year track or a professional master’s degree in Architecture, whose grade point average is above 85. Candidates with a grade-point average of 80-85 will be conditionally admitted: they must take at least 8 credits and maintain a grade-point average of 85 in the first semester.

Students who did not graduate from the Technion must rank in the top 30% of their class.

Candidates must submit a declaration of intentions, no more than one page in length, describing their background, goals and what they expect to gain from their studies and anticipated specialization.


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