Center for Urban And Regional Studies (CURS)

The Center for Urban and Regional studies (CURS) in the Faculty has been traditionally deeply involved in the ‘industry’ of planning. The ‘indusry’ of planning is basically public but it involves numerous agencies and organizations, governmental and non- governmental, as well as private firms and a whole range of supporting services. CURS has been for years dominant in its contribution to the development of planning methodologies and tools for the industry. In fact, CURS has been highly influential in the development of actual plans and planning policies in the national, regional and local levels.

CURS and the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning has been acting frequently as an initiator and coordinator of major national planning efforts, such as The 2020 Master Plan for Israel, The Northern District Outline Plan, local outline plans and many policy documents dealing with tall buildings, affordable housing, water conservation and many more. Its extensive research in planning and land legislation has been widely referred to in the Supreme Court decisions and rulings and lead new legislation. CURS is now leading the preparation of the Marine Spatial Plan for Israel’s Mediterranean Exclusive Economic Zone.

As a leading practice oriented research center in the applied science of planning, CURS is a hub for professional discourse and innovation. It hosted the 2011 Annual Conference of the Israel Planners Association and many professional seminars and symposia.

Members of CURS often serve on public committees, both national and local. Their leading role as members in The National Council for Planning and Building has had for years a major impact on its decisions.

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