Design Tech Lab

Design Tech Lab

The Design Tech Lab is the main laboratory of the Industrial Design Track, headed by Prof. Ezri Tarazi. The lab supports graduate students in industrial design and enables them to realize the various studies and projects during their studies. The lab leads design research in three main areas: marine environment, medical instrumentation and equipment, and design culture and thinking. In each of these fields, the lab leads inspiring research from printing artificial reefs, through the development of a medical bracelet for monitoring treatments on the battlefield, to finding ways to increase motivation for learning through design thinking.

The lab aims to provide space for advanced design and production, almost without limitations, and to accommodate research fitting the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To fulfill this mission, the laboratory holds the most advanced means of production, as follows:

  • 5-axis milling machine
  • 3D printer using MJF-HP Jet Fusion 580 technology
  • Large format 3D printer with FDM-3DP workbench 300 pro technology
  • 3D printer with SLA technology – Formlabs Form 2
  • 3D clay printer with LDM-Wasp 3MF LDM Extruder technology

The use of the printers is open for paid use of all faculty members and students.

To go to the lab’s website click here.