Living with The Sea

Graduation Project 2021
Living With The Sea

This project will examine a strategy for dealing with the rising sea level in the Haifa Bay area and redesigning the threatened environment while treating the sea as an ever-changing environment.

The project will present an urban planning strategy that integrates the marine environment as part of a new urban environment, thus producing a line of defense that protects the coast from storm hazards and extreme weather.

 In addition, it offers a solution to the problem of accelerated urbanization in coastal cities and provides new territory that utilizes the marine environment, all using new technologies to create floating living areas, which meet the conditions necessary to create a comfortable and optimal living environment.

Beyond that, the project will propose strategies for integrating the sea into the new urban environment while addressing the change in sea level as an opportunity and not solely as a problem.

Work facilitation
Arch. Eitan Kimmel
Arch. David Robins
Research Tutors
Dr. Jonathan Dortheimer
Nir Reubens
Architecture Track
Living With The Sea
Living With The Sea

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