Line 210 (+)

Graduation Project 2022

The processes of urbanization have led to an increase in the distance between man and nature, and population growth and increasing density have led to the spread of cities at the expense of open spaces. However, due to their proximity to the urban area, these spaces are today perceived as areas in which “urban nature” takes place.

Urban nature embodies an internal contradiction that stems from changed circumstances and not from intentional urban planning. The lack of planning as it relates to the interface between the city and nature has  resulted in no clear connection between them. This has caused the focal points of urban life to move away from the urban nature in its vicinity. As these areas remain abandoned and neglected, the connections between man and the environment weakened, causing missed opportunities.


The project uses the Haifa Carmel alongside the wadis as a case study and offers an urban structure based on a line that establishes a clear boundary between the city and urban nature. It focuses on the various sides with an emphasis on the space between.

This elevation line +210 serves as a continuous route that passes through the Carmel neighborhoods and connects them to the wadis and to each other. The character of the line and the intervention in it changes according to the different situations.

Work facilitation
Arch. Shmaya Zarfati
Arch. Yishai Well
Research Tutors
Dr. Arch. Or Aleksandrowicz
Tal Zernik
Architecture Track

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