How to Bury a Building?

Graduation Project 2022

Like a living organism, cities develop and change their textures. Along with the acceleration of development processes, the fear of the disappearance of historical and cultural properties is increasing. The project examines the processes of urban renewal in Haifa’s lower city and how historic buildings are being preserved.

In the same way that archaeological site preservation can reveal the extent of an excavation, the project covers buildings with a burial structure made from crushed construction waste that comes from the construction site of the central business district that is emerging in front of them. By filling in the atmospheric layer on the site, it creates a protective cover for the existing buildings. Using this conservation-critical tool, I reveal the buildings’ unique structures and allowing for a last look at them before the final covering.


Work facilitation
Arch. Shmaya Zarfati
Arch. Yishai Well
Research Tutors
Dr. Arch. Or Aleksandrowicz
אדר' אלעד הורן
Lior Hudesman-Shitrit
Architecture Track

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