Visualization Lab



The Visualization Laboratory introduces new visualization techniques for research and teaching. Researchers and their students can use the laboratory to peer not only into the future, but also the present and past, of architecture, landscape, and design.

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Sego Building, second floor next to the computer Lab.


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Research projects and applications include

  • Investigating user experience in coastal environments under diverse physical and social conditions
  • Examining human behavior in interactive built environments (including historical settings)
  • Stimulating dialogue and community participation in the future of their physical environment
  • Studying human cognition and perception during navigation and way-finding in urban environments and large, internal spaces
  • Assessing ecological, aesthetic and touristic value of open and forested landscapes
  • Empowering community stakeholders through the use of 3D visualization of urban development and architectural scenarios, thereby eliminating the gap between professional jargon and popular perceptions of development possibilities
  • Testing movement patterns in urban environments at different points in time

Laboratory’s features

a 2.4 x 7.0 m screen with a 75° field of view, three high-definition Projectiondesign®  projectors  a high-quality sound system, 3-D capacity, and  motion sensors . The laboratory was designed and installed by Antycip Simulation®.