Market Station

Graduation Project 2022

As part of the urbanization process and due to the lack of free spaces, many cities are forced to build essential infrastructure underground. Among these, a significant change to the high-passenger transportation infrastructure will be the introduction of the metro and light rail. These infrastructures create both engineering and legal difficulty because they pass under built structures, which raises the need to rethink the multilayered urban space.

The project examines the impact of building an underground infrastructure in an existing structure. It specifically focuses on the metro system that will be built in Gush Dan. The metro is a continuous underground train that will meet the ground level only around its stations. For this purpose, the construction of the station sometimes requires the destruction of old structures and the destruction of the scenic space. But is it possible to use the process of destruction for the benefit of the city? The project examines the station that will be built in Magen David Square in Tel Aviv, which will lead to the destruction of the historic Bezalel Market and an avenue of buildings on the side of King George St. The project claims that the construction of the station contains diverse opportunities for renewing the existing fabric and creating a local station that integrates with the uniqueness and character of the place.

Work facilitation
Prof. Bracha Chyutin
Assoc. Prof. Ori Halevy
Research Tutors
Arch. Elad Horn
Tal Arkind
Architecture Track

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