Tel Aviv / 6000

Graduation Project 2022
רוני גלינקא תמונה ראשית חלופית

The accelerated population growth of human society in recent decades has led to a significant acceleration in human activities that require energy production, where the cheapest and simplest process is through the burning of coal and fossil fuels. These processes emit various greenhouse gases, which accumulate in the atmosphere, trap heat in the earth, and lead to its warming (the greenhouse effect). Urban spaces are a major cause of warming, with about 75% of the emitted greenhouse gases emitted from cities.

The rapid rate of population growth in Israel has led to a process of urban renewal and massive densification. The renewal process that exists today is driven mainly by economic factors and the interests of real estate entrepreneurs and the private market. As a result, the main goal is the densification of the existing urban space and the addition of housing units, and the ecological and environmental consequences of the city’s development are pushed aside and do not form the main basis for urban planning.

The project deals with the issue of how it is possible to replan and repopulate the center of an existing city by responding to the terrain conditions and the changing data. It proposes an “urban acclimatization plan” that outlines new principles for the city’s long-term urban planning, which includes multisystem climate thinking as a means of leveraging the urban renewal that exists today. The project focuses on Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv, which is a main transportation artery in the city undergoing urban renewal in which almost all the buildings on the street will undergo a process of demolition and reconstruction. The demolition of all the buildings on the street is a wonderful opportunity. However, a new plan must place the environment and the person at the center, with the aim of creating a sustainable urban space in the center of Tel Aviv.

Work facilitation
Prof. Bracha Chyutin
Assoc. Prof. Ori Halevy
Research Tutors
Arch. Elad Horn
Roni Galinka
Architecture Track

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