Graduation Project 2022

Numerous examples of interesting combinations of science and art has resulted in contributions to both fields. In the past few years, a flurry of research has focused on the impact of exact sciences and technology on architecture.

This project focuses on the process of basic research, which dives into different scientific fields for the sake of discovery. What started as an interest in non-Euclidean geometries expanded into the world of pneumatic structures and continued into a technological integration of the field of exact sciences into the world of architecture.

Unlike many projects, the beginning of the process did not start as an effort to find a solution to an architectural problem but rather a problem that would fit the advantages of non-Euclidian geometries as expressed in inflatable structures.

The result is a technology that allows for the quick, simple, and efficient production of pneumatic structures to produce architectural elements in the urban space.

As part of the research, reduced-scale experiments have been carried out to prove that the technology is viable.

The resulting technology allows for the creation and placement of temporary buildings with rich geometries in cities to host events while minimizing damage to the land and the environment.


Work facilitation
Prof. Eitan Kimmel
Arch. David Robins
Dr. Arch. Liat Eisen
אדר' שני ברט, D.DLab
Noga Zajfman
Architecture Track

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