Under Deconstruction

Graduation Project 2022
דימה עבדו

The project examines the environmental and spatial impact of the construction and deconstruction of buildings in cities. The goal is to introduce a shift from the traditional linear approach to a circular, sustainable model.

Clal Center in Jerusalem was selected as a case study because it is one of many megastructures that create a gap in the city’s fabric. This gap stems from the strict form and immense footprint of the complex that prevent it from adapting to changes occurring in the city.

The project aims to negotiate a form of living in between temporal and permanent by proposing a flexible system that can adapt and change. Taking advantage of the block’s central location, the proposed prototype transforms the building’s specific vision into a dismantlable model that offers varied scenarios and guarantees multiple lives for the building.

Work facilitation
Prof. Eitan Kimmel
Arch. David Robins
Dr. Arch. Liat Eisen
דימה עבדו
Dima Abdu
Architecture Track
דימה עבדו
דימה עבדו
דימה עבדו

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