Dr. Jonathan Natanian

Assistant Professor

Architecture Track

Dr. Jonathan Natanian is an architect (Technion graduate), an assistant professor at the architecture track, and the head of the Environmental Performance and Design Laboratory (EPDL). After serving years as a senior architect in practice, in which Jonathan led the design of large-scale projects, he left in 2012 for London where he studied for a master's degree at the Architectural Association (AA), focusing on sustainable environmental design which he graduated with honors. After graduating, he returned to Israel and founded StudioAdapt - an interdisciplinary consulting firm that specializes in research-oriented environmental planning solutions and led and initiated several studies in the field of sustainable design in Israel. In 2017, under a full scholarship from DAAD, Jonathan went on to study for a doctorate at the Technical University of Munich. In his doctoral dissertation, which won the highest distinction and the Marschall Prize, Jonathan developed methodologies for integrating environmental considerations into urban planning using digital tools. The Environmental Performance and Design Laboratory led by Jonathan combines sensing tools, computational capabilities, and advanced visualization interfaces to investigate the interrelations between environmental engineering and architectural design at various scales.

/Solar and bio-climatic design /Indoor and outdoor environmental quality /Zero energy and zero carbon design /Smart building envelopes /Computational tools for high performance design

Jonathan Natanian