Welcome to our new laboratories website

Welcome to our new laboratories website

The Faculty of Architecture and town planning is happy to inform you about the launch of our new laboratories website! Link to the labs website
The site is designed to facilitate your daily conduct and improve your learning experience in the laboratories.

We recommend that you enter the website and familiarize yourself with the various resources available to you.

What can you find on the site?

  1. Scheduling appointments for teaching services: a unified way to coordinate appointments for all teaching resources such as the laser lab, the media lab, etc. (You must connect through the Technion network, TechSec)
  2. Information about the teaching labs: times, contents, and everything you need to know before coming to the lab.
  3. Comprehensive information on the equipment available in each laboratory, research and teaching: description, photos, technical specifications, user manuals and more.
  4. Review of projects carried out in the laboratories: be inspired by the work of other students and see how the laboratories can be used to realize creative ideas.
  5. Getting to know the research labs: find out what groundbreaking research is being done in the faculty labs and what opportunities the faculty gives you to get involved in research.
  6. News and updates: stay up to date on everything that happens in the labs, events, trainings, exhibitions and more.

The labs website will be an essential work tool for you throughout your studies. We invite you to enter the site, explore its contents and get the most out of them.

Website address: https://arc.technion.ac.il/

We would love to hear your opinion about the site!