Dr. Talia Kaufman

Postdoctoral student

Architecture Track

Driven by her passion for data and cities, Talia Kaufmann is Post Doctoral Fellow at the Big Data in Architectural Research (BDAR) Lab within the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion. Talia holds a PhD in Public Policy and Master in Network Science from Northeastern University in Boston. As part of her research, Talia collaborates with International organizations, local and municipal governments to develop data-driven tools for decision-makers in city planning. Her goal is to illuminate spatial inequality in access to services and provide policy makers with the tools to improve the quality of life of underserved urban communities. Her research tackles questions such as: how many commercial/recreational/public amenities should be added to a given neighborhood or city and where should those amenities be most needed? And, how far should an urban resident walk/drive/take public transport rides to reach the closest park or supermarket from their home? Talia is trained as an Architect (B.Arch, Tel-Aviv University) and a City Planner (MCP, MIT). Before joining MIT for her Master degree, Talia served as a city planner and a planning information manager at the Tel Aviv-Yafo City Planning Department in Israel. Her research got international recognition by institutions such as the World Bank, the OECD, the Government of Israel and more.  Her latest research at the BDAR lab involves a close collaboration with Israel’s Electric Corporation (IEC) to develop an urban-level electricity consumption model in very high-resolution with the aim of providing practical tools to manage the electric network in Israel during extreme weather events

Talia Kaufman