Arch. Shirly Kujawski Kenett

Associate Teaching Fellow

Architecture Track

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technion (2007), Licensed Architect (2014) and Accessibility Consultant of the built environment (2015). Teaches in the faculty an interior design studio, a technology workshop, and an introductory course in industrialized construction. During her work in Israel, Shirly has specialized in a variety of building types ranging from multifamily high rise residential, logistics centers, public buildings and hospitals, beyond that, Shirly sees great value in participating in competitions and makes sure to participate in at least one competition a year. As part of her work in the United States, Shirly was exposed to industrialization in construction, which she is trying to promote in the faculty and beyond. Shirly is a partner in an independent design studio that deals with interior design and architecture.      

Shirly Kujawski Kenett