Prof. Edna Shaviv

Professor Emerita

Architecture Track

Former Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, 2003-2005

Initiated in 1969 research and teaching of Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) and in 1979 initiated research and teaching of Bio-Climatic & Passive Solar Architecture. Her research activities include developing CAAD tools and design guidelines for Passive and Low Energy Architecture of buildings & City scales.

Supervised over 20 D.Sc and M.Sc students and wrote over 130 original papers in professional refereed journals, chapters in books, and conference proceedings.

Founder and head (1994-2008) of the "Climate and Energy Laboratory in Architecture”, which carried research for different Governmental Offices in Israel. Total grants over the past 14 years: $1,500,000.

Recent research projects are:

  • “Energy Rating of buildings: the performance & prescription approaches” ordered by the Ministry of Energy and Water.
  • “Developing Regulations for Solar rights” ordered by the Ministry of Housing and Constructions.

Member of the expert committee for the Israeli standards:

  • SI-5282: “Energy Rating of Buildings”
  • SI-5281: “Sustainable Building “Green Building” (Writing the ENERGY Chapter)
  • SI-5280: “Energy in Buildings-Building Envelope” that defines the compulsory requirements and is based on SI-5282.

International Honors

Professor Shaviv won a large number of prizes - among them three prestigious international honours:

  • Pioneer in Renewable Energy “for special achievements in the Field”. The World Renewable Energy Network, 1998.
  • Pioneer in Passive Solar Energy “for Over the past 40 years, she created software, integrated ideas on community design and initiated research in the USA and Israel changing the way buildings perform”. The American Solar Energy Society, 2012
  • PLEA Lifetime Achievement Award “for Significant contribution towards PLEA”. PLEA Board of Directors, 2022

/Sustainable green architecture /Passive and low energy architecture on building scale and urban design scale /Energy conservation in buildings

Edna Shaviv
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