Arch. Ran Shabtay

Teaching Fellow

Architecture Track

.Founding architect and director of Studio Chimera, which specializes in parametric architecture, optimization processes, automation, design, planning, and fabrication in a variety of projects in Israel and abroad. .Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technion and Bezalel Academy since 2016 Focus in Digital Architecture (M.Arch) from the IAAC (Universidad Politecnico Catalonia UPC); Master's degree + thesis (with honors) from the School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University; A degree in architecture from the Bezalel Academy (B. Arch and a bachelor's degree (BA) in history and philosophy from Tel Aviv University.) Ran's research focuses on the different applications, modes, and concepts of nonlinear architecture, AI machine learning, and the science of complex systems in algorithmic architecture Ran's Projects have been presented in different exhibitions and competitions including- MAXII Rome, Venice Bien

Ran Shabtay