Mr. Or Arie Shiner


Architecture Track

Or Arie Shiner is the creator and instructor of the course "Between Decoding and Encoding: Artificial Intelligence in Architecture" which explores the intersection of architecture, artificial intelligence, and linguistics. Or is a Co-Founder of d[OR]², an award-winning team focusing on merging architectural creativity with technological advancements to shape a sustainable architectural future.  The team's transdisciplinary research delves into human-machine interaction, examining the integration of NLP-based AI tools into architectural workflows and their impact on the design process and decision-making. Or earned a B.Sc. in Architectural Sciences from the Technion and is currently pursuing an M.Arch.1 degree at the Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning, also at the Technion. #Artificial intelligence #humanmachineinteraction #linguistics #communication #media #poetic #sematicism #NLP

Or Arie Shiner