Dr. Or Aleksandrowicz

Assistant Professor

Architecture Track

Dr. Or Aleksandrowicz is an architect, researcher, editor, and translator. Aleksandrowicz graduated from the Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University in 2002. He has a master's degree in Building Science and Technology from TU Wien (2012) and a doctorate in Technical Sciences from TU Wien (2015). His doctoral study focused on the history of building climatology in Israel and its complex relationship with Israeli architecture by combining quantitative evaluation methods of building performance and historical writing.

Since 2006, Aleksandrowicz is the editor-in-chief of Architectures series at Babel Publishers, the leading Hebrew book series on architecture and town planning. Aleksandrowicz translated and edited the Hebrew editions of seminal works like Venturi, Scott Brown and Izenour's Learning from Las Vegas, Koolhaas' Delirious New York, and Banham's The Architecture of the Well-tempered Environment.

His latest research involves indoor monitoring of diverse performance indicators of advanced building envelopes, empirical monitoring of outdoor climatic indicators, big data analysis of spatial and climatic factors using geographic information systems, and the history of building technologies in Israel. His book Daring the Shutter: The Tel Aviv Idiom of Solar Protections (with Israel Architecture Archive, 2015) recounts the technological history of shading devices in Tel Aviv.

/Building science and technology /Building energy efficiency /Urban microclimate /Urban history /History of architecture and architectural technology /Digital humanities and social sciences

Or Aleksandrowicz