Dr. Lior Arbel

Research Fellow

Industrial Design Track

Dr. Lior Arbel is a researcher, designer, electrical engineer and musician. His research in music technology and audio/music acoustics includes development of novel musical instruments, technology for music education, virtual audio and user-centered AI applications in music. Lior obtained his BSc in Electrical Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in 2009, and his PhD in Industrial Design in 2020. He did a post-doctoral research in the acoustics laboratory of Le Mans University, France (Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Mans, LAUM) and is currently also working with Meta’s (formerly Facebook) Reality Labs Research in virtual audio research for VR headsets. Apart from his research work, Lior plays the guitar and saxophone and is an avid runner.

/Sound design /Music technology /Musical instrument design /Virtual audio /Musical signal processing and artificial intelligence /Underwater Acoustics

Lior Arbel