Dr. Emil Israel

Assistant Professor

Urban and Regional Planning Track

Dr. Emil Israel is an urban planner, geographer and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. Emil explores diverse aspects of space and society. His PhD aimed at converting the notion of justice into an empirical examination, in which the social implications of suburbanization could be measured. Emil’s research interests include issues of spatiality, social justice, inequality and poverty, as well as issues that concentrate on suburbanization, social distinction, and on immigration and globalization. Before arriving at the Technion, Emil was a researcher at the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, Technion Israel. There he explored core-periphery inequalities along with patterns of innovation and regional development. Emil completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Magna Cum Laude), specializing in Geography and Political Science. He holds a PhD from the Technion (2013). Following his MIT-Technion fellowship in 2016, Emil was appointed as a visiting scholar in the Center for Advanced Urbanism (CAU), jointly with the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP), in MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

/Social justice and spatial inequality /Suburbanization and social distinction /Migration and globalization /Innovation /Land-use planning /Strategic planning

Emil Israel
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