Dr. Eliyahu Keller

Assistant Professor

Architecture Track

Dr. Eliyahu Keller is an architect and architectural historian, serving as an assistant professor at the Technion Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Ariel University (Suma Cum Laude), a Masters in Design Studies with distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and a Ph.D. in History, Theory and Criticsm of Architecture from the Department of Architecture at MIT. In his research, Eliyahu explores the intersection of architectural representation, technological advancement, geopolitics, and critical thinking. His dissertation, titled ‘Drawing Apocalypse’, investigated the relationship between the advent of nuclear weapons and the rise of apocalyptic thinking on speculative architectural vision in Cold War United States. His writings have been published in various journals and publications including the Journal of Architecture, the Journal of Architectural Education, Thresholds, and The Architect’s Newspaper.

/Architectural History and Theory /Architectural Representation /Cold War History /History and Philosophy of Technology and Science /Critical Thinking and Philosophy

Eliyahu Keller