Prof. Naomi Carmon

Professor Emerita

Urban and Regional Planning Track

Naomi Carmon is an urban planner and a sociologist, Professor Emerita at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. For forty years she has been a member of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, served as Vice-Dean for Research and Graduate studies, Head of the Division of Urban and Regional Planning, and Chair of the Center for Urban and Regional Study. She is Past-President of Israeli Sociology Society, and received a Life-long Achievement Award – 2016 distinguished Planner –by Israel Planners Association.

Carmon is a researcher, teacher, writer, advisor of graduate students and consultant to public and civic organizations. Her research, teaching and academic leadership rest on multidisciplinary education in Sociology (BA, Hebrew University in Jerusalem), Behavioral and Management Sciences (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology) and Urban Planning (MIT, MA USA; Technion, Israel). She focuses on urban justice and urban resilience and studies urban regeneration, housing policy, social capital and community development, quality of life of minorities and immigrants. She is also a specialist in sustainability development, particularly water-sensitive planning. She is especially proud of the 65 graduate students who conducted their theses and dissertations for MSc, PhD and Post Doc with her as an advisor.

Carmon was appointed Visiting Professor and Visiting Scholar at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (three times at three different decades), UCLA – University of California in Los Angeles, UBC – University of British Columbia in Canada and the University of Auckland in New Zealand, in addition to Tel-Aviv University and Haifa University in Israel. She travels widely and has been invited to lecture in universities and conferences in many countries, in five continents.

Carmon's writings comprise books (in English and Hebrew) and above 200 other publications, including refereed articles, chapters in books and monographs. Her book Policy and Planning: Promoting Justice in Urban Development was co-edited with Susan Fainstein. Her commissioned research and consulting work have been conducted for governmental ministries, including Housing and Construction, Interior, Defence, Infrastructure and Environmental Protection, by municipalities, other public bodies and NGOs. She often served and is serving on public-professional committees appointed by the government of Israel, large municipalities and civic organization. Her current research includes: Measuring urban resilience; circles of impact of urban regeneration; housing renovation in peripheral Israeli towns; nature-based solutions in water-sensitive planning.

/Urban sociology /Urban regeneration /Housing policy /Planning and quality of life of minorities and immigrants /Sustainability and water-sensitive planning /Urban resilience

Naomi Carmon
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