Prof. Michael Burt

Professor Emeritus

Architecture Track

Former Dean of the Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning, 1977-1979 and 1989-1993. Burt was born in Warsaw in 1937 and emigrated to British Palestine as a child. He studied architecture at the Technion, graduating in 1963. In 1968 he received a D.Sc. degree from the Technion for the submission of a master’s thesis, acknowledging the high excellence and originality of his work. Burt was teaching at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning from 1967 until his retirement in 2006. He has also been engaged in academic activities in Canada, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Hungary, and Australia. Burt main research areas include structural morphology, manipulation of 3D space and spatial structures; high density urban and infrastructure development; urban and infrastructure development in the marine environment; and technologies for marine and coastal land reclamation and development. Apart from numerous publications, Burt’s professional career consisted of 16 patent applications, exhibition installations, and structural design projects.  International Honors Burt received numerous international and local prizes and awards, recognizing his pioneering work, among them the Rokach Prize for advanced engineering and design (1976), the Mary Hill Swope Chair in Architecture (1992), honorary membership of ISIS – International Association for Symmetry in Art and in Science (1995), Pioneers Award for Distinguished Contribution in the Field of Space Structures by IASS World Organization and the Space Structures Research Center of Surrey University (2002), an honorary fellowship of the Israeli Architects Association (2014), and the Applewhite SNEC Award in Morphology Research (2016). Burt served as a soldier in three Israeli wars and was one of the few who twice received the IDF's Medal of Distinguished Service. He is married to Tamara and is living in Haifa. The couple has three children. Burt's short CV is available here.

/Structural Morphology /Manipulation of 3D Space /Spatial Structures /Urban and Infrastructure Development in the Marine Environment /Marine and Coastal Land Reclamation

Michael Burt