Dr. Assaf Shwartz

Assaf Shwartz
Assistant Professor
Segoe 605
Chair of Landscape Architecture program     Assaf graduated in Biology and Geography with honors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2003, where he continued to do his MSc in Ecology, studying urban ecology and invasion biology. He then went to France for his PhD thesis, where he studied the interaction between people and biodiversity in the centre of a large metropolis (Paris, France) under the supervision of Laurent Simon from the Sorbonne University and Romain Julliard from the Natural History Museum. He won several awards for his PhD work, including the first European Thesis Prize on Biodiversity. From 2012, he was a postdoctoral research associate working on ecosystem services (Natural History Museum) and systematic conservation planning at the University of Kent (UK). Research interests: human’s actions have pushed species to the brink of extinction and beyond resulting in a huge biodiversity crisis. Assafs’ research explores how human activities influence biodiversity, but also how people can benefit from biodiversity conservation. His aim is to find substantial solutions for planning and managing of human-dominated and pristine environments for the mutual benefit of people and nature. This is a multi and interdisciplinary research which involves several disciplines such as ecology, geography, sociology, psychology, economy and landscape planning. Assaf’s site:
  • Main Research Interests

    urban ecology, landscape ecology, invasion biology and conservation planning

  • Notes

    Reception hours: Thursday 13:30-14:30, by appointment.