Assoc. Prof. Meirav Aharon

Associate Professor

Urban and Regional Planning Track

Dr. Meirav Aharon Gutman is an urban sociologist, a faculty member in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. An acting member of the National Planning and Building Council, and the academic chair of the Technion’s Social Hub. Her research interests include the development of innovative urban planning models designed to mainstream social considerations at the process of decision-making in the Town Planning realm. Apart from that, Meirav deal with crime in cities, arts in cities, and ethnicity and immigration. Meirav published in leading journals in her field guides students and teaches basic and advanced social planning courses in the Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning Tracks at the Technion.

/Urban sociology /Crime and cities /Urban citizenship /Social digital twin and GIS /Civic monitoring /Participatory design /Human-computer interaction

Meirav Aharon
Segoe 504