Maritime Design and Technology

Maritime Design and Technology

Design-Tech Lab at the Technion has initiated an effort to form an interdisciplinary forum on Design and Technology for the marine territory. As a highly multi-disciplinary research area, we believe that such a forum can vastly improve the inter-departmental collaborations between Technion researchers on MDT related topics.

As a first step, a Technion-internal conference event in which Technion researchers will have an opportunity to present their MDT related research and challenges will be held during next semester on Wednesday, May 19, 2021. Additional details will be sent further.

Call for presentations for the conference is on the Design-Tech website.

Conference Schedule

13:00 – Opening remarks – Assoc. Prof. Yasha Grobman, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning
13:05 – Opening remarks – Prof. Ezri Tarazi, Head of Industrial Design Program
13:10 – Conference presentation – Assoc. Prof. (Guest) Haim Parnas
13:15 – Opening lecture by Jaron Ginton + 10 min for questions
13:55 – 5 min Break
14:00 – Assoc. Prof Nitai Drimer: Concept design of fish farms at sea
14:15 – Offri Lotan: A bridge between shape and context, re-designing the shape of the modern surfboard
14:30 – Yaara Grossmark: Use of spatial sea planning as a means of managing human-animal interactions at sea
14:45 – Dan Liberzon: A new method for detection of breaking waves
15:00 – Yuval Gur: The development of aquacultural open-sea algae cultivation pods; Design of different structural forms and function factors
15:15 – Inbar Schwartz-Belkin: Utilizing remote sensing technologies for marine spatial planning and dynamic ocean management to combat illegal fisheries
15:30 – Noam Ginio: Reconstruction of sea state by polarimetric reflection measurements and machine learning methodology
15:45- Ofer Berman: 3D printed ceramic reef
16:00 – Closing remarks – Assoc. Prof. (Guest) Haim Parnas
16:05 – Estimated End