Smart Skins

Lecture Series


The Smart Skins lecture series is hosted by Asst. Prof. Jonathan Natanian, the head of the Environmental Performance and Design Lab (EPDL), as part of the Smart Skins course given this semester. The Lecture Series will focus on recent advancements in building envelopes from a holistic perspective on sustainability – in which energy, visual comfort, solar control, well-being, and biophilia are entwined. The lectures will be delivered by leading international experts and divided into ten themes, according to the course plan:
Ecological Facades and Biodiversity
Energy active facades (BIPV)
Nature-Inspired Building Skins
Advanced computational workflows for façade designs
Digitally fabricated building skins
Environmental performance-based façade design
Adaptive technologies and concepts in building skins
Circular building skins
Smart skins from theory to practice
Advancements in high environmental performance envelope technologies

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