Batel Yossef Ravid: The Smart Agora

Batel Yossef Ravid: The Smart Agora

This study develops and researches the Smart Agora, the ancient space for assembly and discussion that was shared by decision makers and city residents in ancient Greek city-states, and the way it is implemented in the era of the digital city. In recent years, the Smart City, as an academic paradigm and in its sense as a private market, has been advancing digital methodologies and tools based on democratic principles of citizen participation and transparency in urban decision making. Still, the matter of the physical space for citizen participation has been neglected over the years. 

Therefore, this doctoral dissertation conceptualizes the opportunities and the limitations of civic architecture in the era of the digital city, through the planning and designing of the Smart Agora as a physital (physical + digital) decision making space that supports processes of urban participation. At the heart of the Smart Agora lies the Social Digital Twin: a 3D data-driven model based on real-time data that connects the social fabric to the physical space of the city. As a means of establishing co-production, the study proposes the development of a protocol for Smart Participation that instructs how to use the innovative toolbox. This Participatory Action Research study concludes with a presentation of critical documentation of the findings of the development processes and an examination of the ways in which civic architecture creates opportunities for urban co-production in the digital era.   

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