Arch. Yuval Rubinstein: A framework for analyzing the dynamic and complex structure of urban plans

Seminar presentation in the Urban and Regional Planning Track


Much research and planning approaches address the complexity of the city. Some focus on urban prediction models while others analyze interrelations among urban systems. However, these efforts do not deal with complexity of the urban plans themselves. Those are currently constructed as a simple “tree-like” structure fragmenting the urban realm into simple stand-alone systems and goals. The complex influences of its components are left hidden. This research focused on plans’ structure from a network point of view. Based on the APA 2015 planning framework “Comprehensive Plan Standards for Sustaining Places” as a case study, we investigate interconnections among planning principles and practices and analyze their network characteristics. We developed a qualitative approach to analyze the plan text, resulting in a quantitative network measures that reveal the mutual influence of practices

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