The Center for Architectural Research and Development (CARD)

Established in the seventies the Center for Architectural Research and Development (CARD) is active and fulfills its original purpose: perform relevant, influential and even visionary research in the architectural field. The subjects of research are diverse: Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design (stressing energy in buildings and lighting), Computation in Design, Digital Technologies, Advanced Building Simulation, Environmental Control, Urban Design, Housing, Morphology, Architectural Theory, Construction, Building Technology, ReUse and Retrofit of Buildings, Work with the Community and others.

Some of these works can be classified as basic research and some are more about applied research. CARD also supports development projects that constitute preliminary design ideas and methodologies of an innovative nature. CARD houses activities of faculty members, adjunct teachers, graduate and post-graduate students. In this way it involves, practically, most active factors in the faculty, striving for more comprehensive research activities and products.

Often the research projects overlap more than one field. CARD promotes the work in teams, arguing that better research results come up from team work, especially if CARD’s members would like to apply for research grants from different governmental offices or competitive grants.


The following research laboratories are hosted under the CARD activities: