Assoc. Prof. Yosef Jabareen

Associate Professor

Urban and Regional Planning Track

I am a planning theorist focusing on the development of planning theory and its expression in planning practice. I am particularly passionate about the power of planning as a force for reducing social inequalities and for addressing environmental risk, climate change and sustainability. I am exploring the theoretically crucial questions of whether and how planning practices can foster urban rights, just urbanism, resilient, and sustainable cities and communities for individuals and groups. Through my work, I am interested in promoting a more just and resilient cities and societies. I have coined and theorizes some critical concepts, such as Spaces of trust, spaces of risk, risk city, insurgent informality, the right to space production, the right to necessity, urban ontological security, and urban landscapes of fear and safety. My empirical work, based on megacities around the world, is featured in my recently published book, The Risk City: Cities Countering Climate Change-Emerging Planning Theories and Practices around the World (Springer), which analyses the recent urban plans of several megacities around the world, including NYC, London, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, Johannesburg, and New Delhi. I was graduated from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. I have been a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning and at Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture in MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently, he is an Associate Dean for Research at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in the Technion.

/Planning the resilient and sustainable cities /Urban risk, climate change, and COVID-19 /State and minority relations in planning and spatial contexts /Spatial status of social and minority groups

Yosef Jabareen
Segoe 522