Mr. Moti Kaplan

Senior Research Fellow

Urban and Regional Planning Track

Moti Kaplan, a geologist by education, planner, editor of NOP 1, the Unified National Outline Plan, consultant to the planning administration in the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Housing, the Nature and Parks Authority, The Jewish National Fund (KKL) and more. Main areas of expertise: Policy for preserving open areas and environment resources - coasts, streams, agriculture. Moti Kaplan has edited several National Outline Plans, including NOP 22 - Forest and Forestry, NOP 13 – The Gulf of Eilat, NOP 1/35 - Integrated National Outline Plan, NOP 41 - National Outline Plan for energy, District Outline Plan for the Jerusalem Region and others. Adviser to countries in Africa, South America and Asia on regional development and the environment. Adviser to the United Nations Development Programme on the implementation of the Rio Convention, climate crisis management strategies, the protection of biodiversity and prevention of desertification processes and soil depletion. Along with his professional work, Moti is a research associate at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, and lectures at the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Moti Kaplan