Dr. Shelly Cohen

Shelly Cohen
Post Doc
Dr. Shelly Cohen (BA, M. Arch., MA, PhD) is a researcher, curator and architect. Her work focuses on the social and political dimensions of architecture. Her post-doctorate research, supervised by Dr. Yael Allweil, explores the shared residence architecture of elderly man and women living with caretakers. The research will examine this form of dwelling from the perspective of global social processes: the population's aging, work immigration and changes in the family structureHer PhD dissertation from Tel Aviv University (Planning for the Environment with Communities - PECLAB, Department of Geography and the Human Environment), explores the relations between ethical, social and aesthetic aspects of activism of architects who join municipal or civil initiatives to plan and build projects for Israel’s marginalized groups. The series of exhibitions entitled 'Local', which she curated at the Architect's House Gallery in Jaffa, examined political aspects of the Israeli space, and the ways in which planning and design shape everyday life in defense, housing, and consumption spaces in Israel. Books and catalogues she has written and edited include: "Safehaven: Civil Defense in Architecture", with Tula Amir, Nir Rotem, Dafna Levin, & Ofir Zenathy (Tel Aviv University, The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, 2010), “Local, 10 Exhibits at the Architects’ House Gallery” (Israel Association of Architects, 2008), “Living Forms: Architecture and Society in Israel”, with Tula Amir (Xargol and Am Oved, 2007),  “Separation: the Politics of Space in Israel”, with Haim Yacobi (Xargol and Am Oved, 2007).