Dr. Anna Zanchetta

Anna Zanchetta
Post Doc
I have a PhD in Geomatics from the Faculty of Engi- neering at Bologna University, Italy (my country of origin). I am currently working with Karel Martens on his ISF project on transport justice. We are investigating the fairness of the transport systems in 49 metropolitan areas in the USA, For this purpose, I am conducting data analysis of job accessibility patterns across these metros, mainly using the programming language R. My academic background is diverse, ranging from Astronomy (BSc at Padova University), Physics (MSc at Bologna University) and Water management in develo- ping countries (Master course at Milan Bicocca). In my PhD research I focused on remote sensing techniques for desertification studies. Specifically, I have investigated and developed techniques for change detection analysis, using as case studies an oasis in Jordan (Azraq) and the border region between Syria and Turkey (Jezira Valley). During my PhD I spent six months at the Remote Sensing Lab of Prof. Arnon Karnieli in the  Sde Boker campus of BGU. I am a truly believer and promoter of free (as in speech) and open source software. I love maps and any use can be made of them, especially if intended for social and environmental  benefit.