Shai Sussman: What did Microsimulation teach us about Demographics Dynamics within the Neighborhood

Seminar lecture


Supervisor: Dr. Meirav Aharon Gutman

Usages of Microsimulation within the Neighborhood Scale to Examine Population Dynamics due to Urban Complexities within Time

The Urban domain can be portrayed as a theater of interactions among actors and the environment as-well-as complex dynamics within time. Most of the current planning tools fail to encompass these complexities within the neighborhood scale. The proposed research asks to put the household as the basic unit for analysis. With the aid of Micro-simulations, complex interactions will be analyzed and suggest future scenarios.

The First case addressed population displacement due to the intensive urban renewal process that is flooding Bat-Yam. The second case study was conducted with the collaboration of Cornell-Tech in New York, addressed the complex privatization processes that are taking place in Roosevelt-Island (New York(, and suggest long-term future predictions. The results will be presented using story-telling and displayed upon an interactive touchscreen table.

Hadarion, 23 Balfour st. Haifa and online – Zoom

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