Shared Visions for Marine Planning: Insights from Israel, the UK, and South Africa

International symposium

Online meeting

The symposium will include 3 sessions with invited speakers and a fourth round table session.  One invited-speaker session will address the use of geospatial technologies for marine spatial planning (MSP).  Another will focus on how MSP can advance marine conservation and sustainability.  Presenters in the third session will inform about their experience in collaboration among multi-disciplinary stakeholders and how cross-disciplinary efforts can lead to collaboration for improved marine planning processes and outcomes.  The final roundtable session will allow for extended discussion in smaller groups of the issues, challenges and opportunities brought up during the previous sessions with ample opportunity for group discussions and cross-fertilization in a way that builds on experiences with MSP of British, South African and Israeli participants.


  • Assoc. Prof. Michelle Portman, Technion
  • Dr. Stephen Jay, University of Liverpool
  • Prof. Many Lombard, Nelson Mandela University

The event will be held online on Zoom. To register (free of charge) please go to:

A detailed schedule of sessions, talks and invited speakers will be forthcoming.

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