Aya Dolev: Urban Resilience and Contributing Factors – Focus on Municipal Resilience

A PhD seminar presentation at the Urban and Regional Planning Track

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In parallel with an increase of the range of risks that cities are confronted with in recent years, researchers as well as practitioners have expanded their interest in urban resilience. This doctoral research offers a new perspective on the concept of Urban Resilience, centered on municipal resilience. 

Mixed methods were used: Quantitative analysis based on a unique database of Israel Home Front Command related to all the urban municipalities in Israel, and qualitative analysis of interviews with relevant officials in selected municipalities. MuRe – an index of Municipal Resilience was developed, allowing a comparison of the level of resilience of Israeli municipalities by their characteristics. Then the factors that contribute to the degree of MuRe were identified and analyzed, mainly the local capital resources of residents and municipalities. The conclusions of the research enrich theoretical knowledge of urban resilience and provide recommendations for improving its level in Israel. 


Research advisors: Professor Emeritus Amnon Frenkel and Professor Emerita Naomi Carmon

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