Red Dot Award 2024 to Yoav Sterman

Red Dot Award 2024 to Yoav Sterman

Designer Yoav Shterman together with student Maayan Kinsbursky won the prestigious award in design:

Red Dot Design Award 2024

The winning project is the development of 3D-printed bras for women who underwent mastectomy.

The awards ceremony will take place in October 2024 in Singapore.

Warm congratulations to Yoav and Mayan on the development of this important concept!

Many women who undergo a mastectomy are unable to have breast reconstruction for various
reasons. These women usually choose to wear a silicone prosthesis placed in a
special bra. The current solutions often exacerbate physical and mental
discomfort due to a mismatch between the bra and the body. Women often suffer
excessive sweating, rashes, pressure, and shoulder pain from the prosthesis’s
weight. In addition, there are asymmetry issues, and often
, they fear the prosthesis might move
or fall, making them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

U·Bra is a 3D-printed bra with an incorporated prosthesis for post-mastectomy women who
are unable to undergo breast reconstruction. Each U·Bra is meticulously
customized to the unique anatomy of the wearer, utilizing 3D scanning
technology to precisely capture body contours. This data is then processed and
refined to generate a digital blueprint, enabling the production of a bespoke
bra tailored to the individual’s needs. Leveraging advanced 3D Printed Spacer
Fabrics (3DSF) technology, the bra achieves optimal comfort, breathability, and
lightweight support.

By seamlessly integrating the prosthesis into the fabric of the bra itself, U·Bra
eliminates concerns about shifting or discomfort, empowering women to embrace
their post-mastectomy bodies with confidence and dignity. With its
groundbreaking approach to post-mastectomy care, U·Bra sets a new
standard for personalized comfort and support.