The Climate and Energy Laboratory in Architecture (CELA)

The Climate and Energy Laboratory (CELA) in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning is involved in environmentally conscious design of buildings, urban spaces and new materials. It also serves as a national consultation center on these subjects to government offices, public and private bodies, and practitioners. The faculty members of the laboratory are Prof. I. G. Capeluto Dr. A. Yezioro and Prof. E. Shaviv (ret).

The impact of the work done by CELA in relation to building and urban planning in Israel is extremely valuable, and the Technion has already acquired both a national reputation and international renown as a leader in this field. Many papers, describing the work done at the laboratory, were presented in National and International Conferences and Professional Journals.

CELA has developed many unique Computer Aided Design tools for the advanced research conducted in the Laboratory. A large Heliodon was built as well, to allow the students to check in an easy and quick manner the shading cast during the different hours of the day and year of their physical models. However, in order to embark on new research and develop novel technologies, the Laboratory must be kept at the cutting-edge of research and development by equipping it with new state-of-the-art equipment.

Beyond and besides the research performed in this Laboratory, CELA is a reference point also for teaching purposes, especially for undergraduate students in some of their compulsory courses and design studio as well.